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Aberdeen's research shows how to simplify life at work with a single system to manage your business. The infographic below explains why growing businesses choose ERP over point solutions or stand alone accounting solutions.


Portals provide access to everything from Web forms, real-time dashboards and charts to reports and performance indicators. More sophisticated portals allow users to customize & add additional web forms to meet the customer’s changing requirements. It’s all about sharing data and having instant access to the information you need to make the most effective decisions.


Moving to the cloud can help you avoid running a race with an old, outdated engine under the hood. It provides a flexible platform for growth. You can begin to run a solution like SAP Business One in the cloud so you can run state of the art processes faster than ever while adapting to changes. It enables you to access information from anywhere at any time to keep business operations moving forward.


Does your current business management or accounting system provide your company with the ability to grow? Or have you exceeded the capabilities of your current system to the point that it’s actually preventing growth? It’s time to evaluate your system through the eyes of an investor.


In our last blog post, we presented the top 10 reasons why small and mid-sized organizations choose SAP Business One to help transform their businesses. But we just scratched the surface on what this integrated and affordable ERP solution can do for you. So let’s take a look at additional reasons why SMBs turn to SAP Business One.


According to Forrest Burnson, Market Research Associate at Software Advice, “Small to midsize businesses have more options than ever when it comes to implementing a fully-fledged ERP system like SAP Business One. In this day and age there aren't many good reasons for those growing businesses to continue using disparate systems and manual processes to execute on their business's operations when they're able to house all of their critical software under one roof for an affordable price. Understandably, it can be a daunting endeavor with so many vendors out there and so many considerations to factor in.”


Both strategic and operational decisions will be required to continually assess progress and potential of new markets. Cloud ERP can be effective in connecting the ultimate executive decision makers responsible for engineering the growth to the data needed for those decisions.


“We see SAP Business One as an ally at Rifle Paper Coompany,” said Bobby Morrison, Director of Enterprise Systems and Services, Rifle Paper Company. “Not only does the software keep everyone on the same page, it also gives us valuable information that we can use to grow the business and meet our goals”.


Emerging economies present unprecedented new opportunities. But the risk is greater because you are dealing with an increased number of unknowns. In entering these new economies you are betting on new consumers and blossoming industries behaving similarly to known entities in established economies. Statistics are sketchy at best and forecasts are sometimes little more than educated guesses. Smart companies don't pull all their eggs in a single new basket. The more quick bets you can take, the higher the likelihood of achieving the kind of growth you seek.


Every company has aspirations to grow. Growth is exciting, yet it can also be challenging, especially for those companies that have already transitioned from small to mid-size. Operations are more complicated now and new paths to growth are riskier. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that got you to your current size may not be sufficient to power you through to the next level of growth.
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